So a little about me. My name is Adrian Daniel and I guess you could call me a "sneaker collector" or a "sneaker head" meaning I can go an extended period of time without wearing the same pair of shoes and get excited about small details, colour combinations and materials.

As people we love  and are drawn to stories and thats exactly what drew me to sneakers that each pair of sneakers contained its own story, from the design aspects to the inspiration behind details, colours and materials each pair of sneakers is different. 

My passion for sneakers led me to picking up a camera and taking shots of the shoes that I would buy, of course after taking the photos I needed somewhere to post them so I found myself creating a blog and interacting on forums such as Sneaker Freaker engaging with other like minded people.

I really had no idea that picking up a camera to take photos of shoes would open the doors it has for me, it has introduced me to some great people who I have had the privilege of working with and continue to do so. I have worked with several brands as you can see in my portfolio and have an ongoing relationship with New Balance NZ who I represent as a brand ambassador and create content for their lifestyle range among others.

I am not sure where this journey will lead but I am certainly enjoying the ride, I look forward to building more brand relationships and working with more amazing people along the way.