Adidas x Loaded POD System Makers Lab

Last week I had the chance to be one of 12 creators to customise the new Adidas POD 3.1 shoe at the Makers Lab hosted by Loaded on High St.

I decided to keep it refined and wearable using a craft knife to carefully remove the heel and tongue tabs before using a hot glue gun to swap their placement. I then used some zips to colour the three stripes branding, using royal on the lateral and lavender on the medial.

I had a bit of time left so snapped some on feet shots and whipped up a dust bag. 

I was stoked to have my design come runner up after voting via an Instagram poll. Thanks to Loaded and Adidas for putting on a great event.

Photos by Sacha Stejko

Tech & Gadgets: Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch

Simple. Simple is how I would summarise the Misfit Phase but not simple in a bad way, simple in a good way. At first appearance the Phase looks like a normal analog watch, a good looking analog watch, but contains enough tech to give you what you need.

I have been using the Phase pretty much everyday for the last two or three weeks and have become a little bit obsessed with the stats it gives, not so much the step count or distance but more the sleep monitor. Its amazing that the watch can accurately tell when I go to sleep and when I wake without me doing anything.

The range of notifications is limited but good. I have mine setup with notify me of calls, texts, Facebook Messenger and Gmail, which is shown by a small dial at 6 O'Clock which rotates to a corresponding colour. Once you memorize which colour is which its really good to know what that vibration was by looking at your watch, it does not work as well at night however. I have taken my text and call notifications a step further in that the hands will point to a number so I know who is calling or texting. 

Other useful functions include using watch buttons to  skip or pause music, take a selfie or my personal favourite using the watch to ring your phone when you cant find it in the house. There are also some more advanced options to create customs using an external app.

To be honest I'm stoked with this watch and Misfit as a brand, this was my first experience of their products and from the packaging to product they have delivered. Having simple changeable bands is nice and the app is simple but works well. Look forward to checking out the Vapor when it releases.

Scroll down for images or check them out below.

On Feet: New Balance x Alife 1300 (M1300AR1)

The M1300AR2 was actually the second pair of 1300s I bought which helped develop the love I now have for the model. Needless to say I have been on a mission to complete the pack for a long time, at the end of last year I was finally able to do that. Unfortunately I was not patient enough to wait for a deadstock pair but these look really good. Some of the best work New Balance has produced. Enjoy.

Detailed Pictures: Plantronics BackBeat 500

I have said it before and will say it again, after owning a few pairs of bluetooth headphones I don't know what I did before them. There is something freeing about getting rid of those wires, like when I moved from android to iphone I was kicking myself for not doing it sooner. 

I recently received these from Plantronics and was eager to take them for a spin.

I have been using the BackBeat Pro 2 while woking in the office and the BackBeat Fit while going for a run and on the move but these are a great middle pair. They provide better sound quality than the Fit but in a nice compact package with extra features like having two devices connected at once. I find this really handy while working on my laptop and having the option to answer calls on my headset. The battery life on these is crazy too, 18 hours off a single charge.

Thats a yes from me, check them out in detail below.

On Feet: New Balance 247 "Classic" (MRL247BG)

I have to say the 247 model is a winner in my books. Over the last few years NB has been a bit miss and hit when it comes to integrating new tech into classic silhouettes but they got it right this time, really right. The combination of simple details, sharp shape, comfort and sock like fit makes it a killer model. The F&F pairs is top for me closely followed by the luxe releases but these are not far behind if not equal, I like that the opted for the same tongue design on these as the luxe pairs. 

In a market saturated with collabs, new releases and an insatiable appetite for boost its no small feat that the luxe pairs sold out and these are close to following suite. Props to the designers on creating a classic, the response speaks for itself.

Thats enough from me check out the pics below.

Detailed Pictures: Plantronics BackBeat Fit

These arrived at the same time as the BackBeat Pro but I hadn't had the chance to get some shots up so finally here they are.

I was again impressed with the sound quality on these with what I found to be a really comfortable fit. I confess I haven't yet used them at the gym or while going for a run but find them perfect while on the move. They are and small so easily fit into your bad and having all the controls on the earpiece themselves is super handy.

Controls have been well integrated by using different taps to skip tracks or adjust volume, meaning less buttons but all the control you need. Again this pair has a built in mic and a button to initiate Siri which is awesome.

They are a winner in my books!


Detailed Pictures: Plantonics BackBeat Pro 2


These recently arrived in the mail and I couldn't wait to get them out the box. To be honest I have never owned a pair of bluetooth headphones but after using them I'm asking myself why it took so long. Not only is the sound quality great on these but they are packed full of features.

What I found most useful was being able to have two devices connected at once, meaning I could be listening to music on my Macbook and receive an answer a call coming in through my iPhone. Along with that all the controls you need to adjust volume, pause and skip as well as use siri are found on the headphones too.

For more check out my unboxing below or head to their website

Detailed Pictures: New Balance x Hypebeast "Land" & "Space"

New Balance and Hypebeast come together for the first time ever and the result is spectacular. The collaboration consists of two pairs of MRT580's the first an original pair with updated Revlite midsole dubbed "land" and the second in the form a reengineered pair dubbed "space" see pictures of each shoe along with a description of each below.

Check out full unboxing video below.

MRT580HT "Land"

MRT580DH "Space"

Unboxing: New Balance x Hypebeast MRT580HT & MRT580DH

New Balance and Hypebeast come together for the first time ever and the result is spectacular. The collaboration consists of two pairs of MRT580's the first an original pair with updated Revlite midsole dubbed "land" and the second in the form a reengineered pair dubbed "space".

Check out full unboxing video below.

Unboxing: New Balance x Hypebeast MRT580 Land & Space

Detailed Pictures: Horween x New Balance 997 "Explore by Sea" (M997BEXP)

For a long time I have admired the Horween iterations of the 998, 996 and 1400s coming out and I finally got my hands on a pair. In my opinion these along with the M1300BER are the best ones yet, I haven't seen the other in person but from having these in hand its hard to imagine a better pair, the Navy is definitely a winner and the combination of red leather liner finishes it off beautifully. Grab yourself a pair from Fabric now! Retail price is NZ$700 and they only got in 7 pairs.