My Wife and Kicks talks with Jonas Malka (Sports Zone Elite)

 I recently caught up with Jonas Malka Online Marketing Manager at Sports Zone Elite, USA. Sports Zone Elite has a great range of NB product at some of the most competitive prices anywhere online. . Check out the interview below to see what he had to say about NB and the history and future of Sports Zone Elite.

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How long has Sports Zone Elite been around and what makes you unique?
Sports Zone Elite started as The Sports Zone in 1985. Today we have grown to 30 stores, all located in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area. The Sports Zone Elite concept was introduced in the marketplace in 2006 and online since about a year now. You can find most of our products available on
What makes us unique is we actually want to make a difference. In the first place as a retail company with our customer, we are training our teams to deliver the best customer service possible by offering our knowledge in the urban fashion and treat them the best we can. We are also making a difference with the way we are treating our teams, Sports Zone Elite is a real family and a lot of people working now in our stores or in our office are actually sons/daughters of previous employees who only know too much how important it is to feel free and to love the place you work at in order to give the best of yourself. That’s why we are being elite. Finally, Sports Zone Elite is organizing or sponsoring a lot of events to try to promote upcoming talents in different area (music, sports, arts), or to help the ones who need it (charity, coat drives…) or just to offer some fun sometimes (free fitness, Zumba class).
In the end, what makes us unique is we will always do our best to #BeElite

Sports Zone 10 years ago
How long have you been stocking NB and how is it selling?
We have been carrying New Balance since the very begining--Washington DC is well known for the New Balance brand, from the NB740 (James Worthy) to the Iconic NB1300. Our brick & mortar customer know we are offering them the best deals, we are trying to convey that reputation online, now that we are able to sell them on our website.

What does New Balance as a brand mean to you?
New Balance means stability--the New Balance brand, just like us, has really with stood the test of time. New Balance has really become part of the Sneaker culture. 

What do you think sets New Balance apart from other brands?
The brand once has really done a great job of staying true to who they are.

What is your favourite new balance release from the last year or so?
The New Balance 2001, it is actually great running shoes. And the design is great if you just want to wear with some casual clothes.  

What is the best selling NB model at your store?
The New Balance 990 has always been our best sellers in stores for all genders: men, women and kids. Online, the 998 has been selling so great that we quickly had to order more pairs to New Balance.

What would you like to see more of from NB in the coming seasons?
More of the same but maybe with some cool color ups and enhancements here and there 

How important is promoting yourselves on social media to your business?
Social media is very important as it helps us stay in constant and direct contact with our customers. That contact helps us to understand their need and to adapt our strategy to deliver them the best service.

Any last comments?
Just would like to say how much we appreciate being part of the Online community not only as a sneaker store but as an organization that believes in its community and is part of its development through engaging/interacting with anyone showing interest in what we’re doing.

Also thank you for your time and support!!