My Wife and Kicks talks with Donald Machera (Persona)

I recently caught up with Donald Machera Store manager of their Nashua location. Donald is well known for bringing great deals to the Facebook sneaker community and is an all round good guy. Check the interview below for what he had to say about New Balance.

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How long has Persona been around and what makes your store unique?

The store has been open for coming up on 6 years with our Lowell location just having it's third birthday. I personally have been with the Nashua store for a year and a half. We are unique because we're not a big city location. We are more of a diamond in the rough store so our job is to educate people who don't maybe know as much about style as someone who is from a big city would.

How long have you been stocking New Balance and how does it fit the rest of your range?

We have stocked NB almost as long as we have been open and it fits in very well with what we're trying to do in our Nashua store which is to cater to the twenty something year old guy. It's def more of a grown man store in Nashua where in Lowell, we have just started to trickle in some NB styles.

Boston is obviously the heart of New Balance and you guys are right amongst it does that create a lot of competition between local stores?

We really don't worry about Boston too much because it is far enough away where it doesn't really affect our business. We serve the upper Northeast of New Englanders who don't really want to make the trek all the way to Boston, but still want the same quality and brands they find down there.

What does New Balance as a brand mean to you personally?

I personally have been collecting New Balance for close to 6 years now. I live in Lawrence Massachusetts which is an old mill city that produces New Balances still and the Lowell and Nashua stores are both in the heart of old mill citys. New Balance is a part of our local history. 

What is your favourite New Balance release from the last year or so?

997 GY, NV and PR have all been excellent and I look forward to all the future releases of this model.

What is the most popular New Balance model at your store?

Probably a 998 or a 574. Every day average joes love the style, comfort, and price point of the 574. Whereas our afficiaonado tends to go after our higher end Made In USA models.

What would you like to see more of from New Balance in the coming seasons?

New Balance doesn't need any advice from me. I think their brand progression these past few years has been excellent. They have catered to every customer very well and continue to improve every year.

When are we going to see a New Balance x Persona collab?
Hopefully soon!

How important is social media to your business?

One of the most important aspects of our business. Bein in a small market we try to have a bigger presence online. We don't have the foot traffic that Boston stores do, so we need to get creative on how we make sales. I try to do 1 on 1 sales with guys to make sure they are super comfortable in dealings with Persona and in hopes that they will continue to shop with us.

Any last comments?

Just wanted to thank the owner of Persona Jeremy for giving me an oppurtunity to manage his shop. Anyone who knows him knows that he is one of the realest owners out there. No ego trips up here. He has taught me from day 1 that it is all about the customer and we continue to try to find new ways to make our customers happy daily.