13 Days of 1300

13 DAYS OF 1300's - Day 9 - M1300GBW

There weren't many pairs of 1300s Made in England but the Flimby Pack is the cream of the crop, I am fortunate enough to have two of the three pairs. Both pairs are simply amazing and that is not an exaggeration. I really like both pairs and they are some of my favourite pairs in my collection. The shade of blue on this pair is something I haven't seen on another pair but it works so well.

13 DAYS OF 1300's - Day 8 - M1300TT

Apologise I am getting a bit behind on days, the project was a bit more demanding than anticipated. Day 8 bring another pair from the National Parks pack, this pair really surprised me as I didn't like it at first. I was offered them at a great price and couldn't refuse but after having them in hand I loved them. I find the colour blocking really unique but it really works especially combined with the pops of blue.

13 DAYS OF 1300's - Day 7 - M1300JP2

It was late 2014 when I herd rumours online that these would be releasing early 2015, it then became top of my list for the year, I decided to make sure I had funds when the released. Release date came and I had become distracted with other "steals" that I couldn't resist and didn't have the funds for them let alone the $300 retail price I think it was. Resale prices on eBay went crazy and I have been patiently waiting for them at the right price, another Team NB member came through with a great deal and I was stoked to get them, thanks Lee. Now the search continues for an older pair.

13 DAYS OF 1300's - Day 4 - M1300AR2

Day 4 is perhaps one of the most famous and desired 1300s the M1300AR2 one of three pairs from the New Balance collaboration with Alife Rivington Club (ARC). I was at the first Loaded swap meet several years ago when a guy came up to me asking if I was interested in buying them from him, I did not but them on the spot but got his number. I ended up buying them about a week later for half retail which was a steal, I actually didn't have much of an idea back then of how valuable and hard to come by they are, now they are one of the gems in my collection. Still trying to track down the AR1 and AR3 for a good price.