13 DAYS OF 1300's - Day 8 - M1300TT

Apologise I am getting a bit behind on days, the project was a bit more demanding than anticipated. Day 8 bring another pair from the National Parks pack, this pair really surprised me as I didn't like it at first. I was offered them at a great price and couldn't refuse but after having them in hand I loved them. I find the colour blocking really unique but it really works especially combined with the pops of blue.

13 DAYS OF 1300's - Day 7 - M1300JP2

It was late 2014 when I herd rumours online that these would be releasing early 2015, it then became top of my list for the year, I decided to make sure I had funds when the released. Release date came and I had become distracted with other "steals" that I couldn't resist and didn't have the funds for them let alone the $300 retail price I think it was. Resale prices on eBay went crazy and I have been patiently waiting for them at the right price, another Team NB member came through with a great deal and I was stoked to get them, thanks Lee. Now the search continues for an older pair.

Detailed Pictures: New Balance 1300 "Flimby Pack" (M1300BGB)

So I have recently decided to focus my collection on 1300's, I love the shape and there are so many great colour ways I'm looking forward to tracking down most notably the two ARC's I don't have and the 1300JP. To be honest I had never herd of or seen this pair until the popped up on Facebook for sale and I had to have them. The materials are some of the best Ive seen on a shoe and I love the simple colour way, the shape too is perfect. I know the other two from the pack will be near impossible to track down but I look forward to trying. 

Detailed Pictures: New Balance 1300 National Parks (M130TT)

This is my fourth addition from the National Parks pack, I really like the pack especially the 1300s. At first I wasn't sure about the colour blocking but once I had them in person and on foot it changed my mind. I managed to get these for steal of a price from Donald Machera who wore them once and didn't fit them. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel for a on foot video.

New Balance Autumn/Winter (Spring/Summer) 2014 Preview

Style Democracy was given the chance by NB Canada to have a look at what is coming from New Balance later on in the year, the real standout though are the all leather 998's. Although there are a bunch of really nice looking shoes that we have seen before. Check out the following link with more of the Fall/Winter collection at Sneaker News.